CIAAR 2019 and TIMER AUTO Reach Cooperation to Promote the Development of Automotive Thermal Management Industry

Recently, the CIAAR 2019 (Shanghai International Auto Air Conditioning And Transport Refrigeration Exhibition 2019) project team and TIMER-AUTO Consulting (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd., a well-known research institution in domestic automobile industry, have once again reached strategic cooperation. The two parties will continue the good partnership they forged last year, keeping up with industry trends and technological changes. Starting with automotive thermal management that is the biggest concern of automotive OEMs and suppliers, we will promote cooperation in the field of air-conditioning products for new energy automobile and automotive thermal management, put the automotive thermal management system and accessories area in place and present related supporting activities. The follow-up work will include making full use of their respective resource advantages to carry out the promotion work in terms of exhibition publicity, visitor recruitment, event planning and so on.


On the CIAAR 2019, the exhibition area of automotive thermal management products and accessories will focus on air-conditioning products and accessories for new energy automobiles , engine thermal management systems (ETMS) and accessories, battery thermal management systems (BTMS) and accessories, including professional products like electric compressors, heat pumps, heat exchangers, radiators and water tanks. Over the years, enterprises represented by ZhongCheng New Energy, Highly, Huaerda, WeiLong New Energy, Huabeite and the like have displayed high-quality products on this CIAAR platform, discussing the latest technical difficulties and solutions.


At the exhibition site last year, TIMER AUTO teamed up with CIAAR to launch an industry technology forum focusing on four sections - key technology developments in ETMS, key technologies for electronic expansion valves and application directions of thermal management systems, pressure fluctuation noise control technology for air-conditioning compressors, and the development of the gas-enhanced heat pump system for electric vehicles. That forum received enthusiastic attention from many visitors including auto factories, product integrators and suppliers. At this year's exhibition site, the excitement will continue. The activities will gather current hot topics and set up an annual communication event for industry technicians to further serve the customers of the new energy vehicle market.


Ms. Sun Juan, the relevant person in charge of TIMER AUTO, noted that with the rapid development and upgrading of the automobile industry, the market share of new energy vehicles in the whole industry is increasing. The cockpit thermal management involved in automobile air-conditioning plays a significant part in the automobile thermal management system, and its market is also faced with product updates and accessory iterations, having immeasurable prospects.


With the advancement of the “four modernizations” (electric, intelligent, connected and sharing) of domestic automobiles, the automobile thermal management industry has been flourishing. In response to the new requirements for energy saving and consumption reduction of new energy vehicles, TIMER AUTO will in this June hold “China Annual Meeting on Whole Vehicle Thermal Management Technology” where we will focus on low-temperature heat pumps, energy recovery, hydrogen fuel vehicle thermal management and other cutting-edge technologies to spread out the topics, start with the thermal management technology topic that has currently received biggest concern to promote  exchanges and cooperation in the whole vehicle thermal management industry.