Focus on Development Direction of No Idle Air Conditioning Promote Optimization and Upgrade of Driving Environment

With the urgent need of drivers for the optimization and upgrade of driving and rest environment, the no idle air conditioning("parking cooler") market is rapidly rising in China. According to public data, there are about 6 million drivers in China who is often resident in the cab, covering a variety of driving scenarios such as trucks, wagons, engineering vans, and RVs recreational vehicles. The vehicles of these drivers are usually equipped with a parking cooler due to the high energy consumption and the engine's wear and tear of traditional automotive air conditioning. Parking coolers are currently in great demand among heavy truck drivers. Especially for those heavy truck drivers of long-distance transport, it proves that parking coolers have undoubted economic benefits.


Parking coolers are derivatives of auto spare parts, and their quality is at various levels. Their time of endurance, noise levels, cooling effects and the aspects of price, appearance, quality and service have always been the focus of attention. As a prestigious event recognized by the refrigeration industry, CIAAR (China International Auto Air-conditioning & Transport Refrigeration Exhibition) Shanghai keeps pace with the development trend of the industry. Based on comprehensively covering traditional mobile refrigeration industry chain, this event has further expanded its scale of exhibition with greater marketing demands. Starting from the needs of users' product demands, it will have an intensive display of parking coolers to further create a high-quality exhibition service platform.


As an emerging product in the industry, parking coolers quickly rise to be one of the highlights of the exhibition. At the CIAAR 2018 site, many manufacturers of parking cooler brands were attracted to compete on the same stage to showcase their latest products and technologies. For example, Haier Air Conditioning has released two new iterative products of 24V parking coolers that are smaller in appearance and more suitable for narrow cabs, and their technology allows the air-conditioning to run continuously for 12 hours. Even more representative companies such as TAYBO, YIERFU, XINLENGYUAN, HETIAN, COLKU, SCAC, KAMENG, ZHONGCHENG NEW ENERGY also displayed the front-end products and solutions of parking coolers.


With the rapid development of the automobile industry and the upgrade of people's demand for driving environment, the prospective market of parking coolers is immeasurable. CIAAR 2019 (Shanghai) will continue to subdivide and display parking cooler products, provide a full range of resources covering product, technology innovation, industry situation and the like for the majority of industry insiders, and keep conducting practice in the upgrade of the products in mobile travel field.

The CIAAR 2019 (Shanghai) will be held at Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center from November 13th to 15th. It is expected that 500 exhibitors and 12,000 professional visitors from all over the world will exchange ideas at this event. This exhibition will attract well-known domestic and foreign manufacturers of auto air-conditioning and spare parts, and visitors covering post-market maintenance, procurement terminals, manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, etc. It is indeed an excellent opportunity for enterprises to expand their business, seek channel resources and display their image.