CIAAR2019: Leading Exhibitors Gathering at Special Exhibition Areas, Diversified Activities Launched Simultaneously

As a highly-concerned professional mobile refrigeration exhibition, Shanghai International Auto Air-conditioning & Transport Refrigeration Exhibition (CIAAR) has always been following closely the industry trend and exploring the potential of development in the 16 years since its establishment. As its scale and influence increasing year by year, CIAAR sets up additionally special exhibition areas for whole vehicle heat management system and parts, refrigeration transport equipment and materials based on the traditional auto airbus air-condition-conditioning products. In order to better serve the industrial professionals, the organizer has schemed fabulous activities, which are strongly supported by Timer Automotive Consulting and Shanghai Cold Chain Association (SCCA) and will be presented from Nov. 13 to 15 at Shanghai Everbright Convention and Exhibition Center. Relevant parties will take full use of their respective resources to set about the publicity and planning for the exhibition.


Highlighting core technologies of new energy vehicles, talking about new trend of industry development

Recently, Timer Automotive Consulting and China Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Industry Association (CRAA) Automotive Air-conditioning Working Committee co-held and wrapped up 2019 The 7th Annual Meeting for Whole Vehicle Heat Management Technologies, which aimed to further improving the heat management level of the industry and advance the growth of whole vehicle heat management industry. As one of the partners of CIAAR, Timer Automotive Consulting offers support to the special exhibition area for whole vehicle heat management system and parts. “Along with the rapid growth and upgrade of automobile industry, new energy vehicles, which are of inestimable potential, are taking more and more market shares,” said Ms. Sun Juan, the person in charge. The 3rd New Energy Vehicle Heat Management Technology Forum to be held this year will also follow closely the trend, focus on the hot spots and present a technological feast for industrial professionals.


As an echo to the event, the special exhibition area for whole vehicle heat management system and parts will display air-conditioning products and parts for new energy vehicles, engine heat management system and parts, cell heat management system and parts, including electric compressor, heat pump, heat exchanger, heat radiator, water tank and so on. Apart from product exhibition, exhibitors including Zonzcen, Haili, Huaerda, Weilong New Energy and Huabeite will discuss the latest technology challenges and solutions during the CIAAR.


Following the growth direction of cold chain transportation, promoting the sound development of the industry

As a result of the rapid development of cold chain logistics market, there has been near 140,000 refrigerated vans in China by 2018. Considering the huge potential existing in refrigerated transportation industry, the CIAAR set up a special area for refrigerated transportation equipment and materials, including refrigerated vans, vehicle fresh-keeping units, refrigeration unit, vehicle refrigeration unit, independent refrigerator with large cooling capacity and mobile freezing and refrigeration showcase and so on. In addition, leading vehicle refrigeration unit manufacturers such as Lengwang, Carrier, Guobin, Jinxiang, Huatai and Mingtai, will show diversifed excellent transport refrigeration systems and temperature control solutions.


“Along with the emerging of cold chain logistics, the production and sales of refrigeration vehicles will further increase. In 2019, China’s refrigeration vehicle manufacturers begin to focus on higher quality products. And energy saving, compartment thermal isolation performance optimization, new ways of cooling and new compartment structure design will be the key focuses in the future. Taking CIAAR as one of the major platforms, we hope to drive the sound development of the industry through refrigeration, cold chain and refrigeration transport product exhibition and industrial dialogs,” said Liu Longchang, the chairperson of Shanghai Cold Chain Association (SCCA). To this end, SCCA joins hands with CIAAR again (based on the cooperation in the previous year) to offer relevant activities for various special exhibition areas. Also, The 2nd Refrigeration Vehicle Energy Saving, Emission Reducing and Technology Application Forum was born at the right moment, whose topics involve vehicle refrigeration unit as well as development & application of relevant technologies in the future. 


In addition, it’s noteworthy that NSK (China) will initiate an amazing technology workshop for exhibitors during the exhibition. As the largest R&D center of NSK Ltd. outside of Japan, NSK (China) will share its insight with the attendees of CIAAR through the topic discussion of “Technology development for air-conditioner electric compressor bearings of new energy vehicles”. With automobile bearings and parts as one of its three core pillars, NSK has developed numerous new bearings over the past few decades for its clients around the world. Relying on its technical superiority in precision machining, NSK keeps developing high-quality and edge-cutting precise products and has been making great contribution to the development of all kinds of industries and products as well as technical progress. 


Focusing on industrial development and our era theme, 2019 CIAAR has attracted a number of both new and existing exhibitors, including Haier, Zonzcen, Panasonic, Dyne, Guangyu, Shuangkai, Yingke, Yili, Kedali, Mitsumi, Landa, Taybo, Xinqida, Taijiang and Jiesheng. It’s estimated that the scale of 2019 CIAAR will reach a record high and better serve the ever growing industry.