Smart Journey to the future -- GeHua · Shanghai International Auto Air-conditioning & Transport Refrigeration Exhibition (Guangzhou Station) grand opening!

On February 23, GeHua · Shanghai International Auto Air-conditioning & Transport Refrigeration Exhibition (Guangzhou Station), organized by Shanghai Aige Exhibition Service Co., LTD., ITE (Asia) Exhibition Co., LTD., and Shanghai Gehua Exhibition Service Co., LTD., was launched in Hall 11.1, Area B of China Import and Export Fair after intense preparatory process with the support of all parties. Exhibitors and visitors from all over the world gather together to witness the grand event.


As Gehua's first exhibition in the automotive air conditioning industry in South China, the exhibition attracted nearly 150 exhibitors and opened a pavilion area of 10,000 square meters. With the theme of "Smart Journey to the future", the exhibition has deeply cultivated the field of mobile refrigeration industry, creating an efficient and convenient B2B professional trade platform for global automotive air conditioning and mobile refrigeration enterprises. The exhibition will last for three days, showcasing all kinds of latest products and technologies to bring visitors a new experience.


As a world-renowned professional exhibition of mobile refrigeration, CIAAR has become a stage for global refrigeration enterprises to compete. With the rapid update and iteration of market products, a large number of industry leaders and brands are eager to join the exhibition, showing their emerging products and technologies in the field of vehicle air conditioning, mobile refrigeration and automotive thermal management.


The representatives of these enterprises include Zhongcheng, Shuang Kai, Aotejia, Zhonglan, Kun Jiang, Ice Dragon, Santian, kangpurui, Sheng Xing, Longma Electronics, Xue Ling, Quanzheng, getesi, Eulika, Songli, Linrui, delian, Yinnengshi, Blue Planet, Rizhao, Jingkong, Aibohong, Xiao Dai, Falada, Sansheng, Zhenwei, Jingyi, Hongda, Deke, etc. The enterprise attaches great importance to the exhibition also highlights the forward-looking development of automotive refrigeration industry in the Chinese market. At the same time, we sincerely invite professional visitors to visit us while bringing innovative products and technologies.


In addition, as a hot industry in recent years, parking air conditioning products are undoubtedly one of the highlights of this exhibition. Major international well-known enterprises including Bergstrom, Saichao, Casto, Shuanghang, Lengku, Yi De, Youjinggong, Yi Ming, TCL and so on have brought cutting-edge innovative products and research results in this field. Show the latest products and technologies in the field of vehicle refrigeration to the audience.


On the first day of the exhibition, 2502 professional visitors from all over the region came to the scene successively, looking for innovative products at the forefront of the industry. Mr. Han Youheng, Executive Director of Shanghai Eige Exhibition Service Co., LTD., the organizer, said: "With the development of the epidemic in China into a healthy and stable situation, I believe that the automobile industry will maintain a healthy growth in the future, and the development prospect of the automobile air conditioning industry is worth looking forward to. Guangzhou, as an important industrial gathering place in the field of automobile air conditioning in South China, has a complete industrial chain and industrial supporting basis, I believe that" wisdom, "GeHua · Shanghai International Auto Air-conditioning & Transport Refrigeration Exhibition (Guangzhou Station) under the theme of" Smart Journey to the future"will also play a bigger role this time."